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We ship by US Postal Service. Shipping labels are generated either by PayPal or Stamps.com.

PayPal has changed their "User Experience" so that shipping charges are displayed just before you place an order. We are not happy with this change and have complained to PayPal about it. We feel that it treats the customer unfairly. To find out what the shipping charge is you have to go through the whole PayPal order process and stop just before you confirm the order, at that point the shipping charge will be determined. I find this is how PayPal treats all of its users, not just us,  it is pushing us to find another payment option.

Depending on workload we ship within 2-4 working days of order receipt.

Shipping Charge is based on total weight, here is a chart showing our shipping charges

Manuals are not shipped with kits, Please download them from the either the webpage of the product you ordered or the Documentation Area.


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