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This is an update of the original Winkeyer kit that was introduced several years ago and is now back by popular demand. It attaches to a serial port on your PC and does not require a battery or external power source. This makes it very convenient to hook up. The operating current is so low that it can run off the modem control lines of your serial port. These keyers are still finding a place on PCs that do not have USB ports or for remote applications on a network link.

This kit uses the WinKeyer3 CW controller which provides direct paddle inputs and true dual keying port capability. WK Serial runs at 3.3V, which means it will work at a very low RS232 voltage swing like you would find on a laptop PC.

An external battery connection is provided which allows you to run WK3serial in a limited standalone mode. You can set up your favorite standalone parameters with WK3tools and store them in WK3's internal EEPROM. 

Note that WK3serial is designed primarily to be a host mode device, it can be mounted inside a PC or your own enclosure. Both paddle and speed pot inputs are provided. WK3serial also works great with a USB to serial converter if you want to put together a really low cost WKUSB !

WK3 Serial Features

WK3 Serial Keyer Kit (Updated 2021)

WK3 Serial Documentation
Winkeyer3 Serial Assembly Manual_R01 (2021)
Winkeyer3 Quick Start Guide_R01 (2021)

Winkeyer3 Serial Assembly Manual_R00
Winkeyer3 Quick Start Guide_R00

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