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The Hamcrafters VLF Converter is based on the original Palomar design and converts 10 KHz - 500 KHz to 4.010 to 4.5 MHz. This allows use of your HF Receiver or Transceiver and all its filters, noise blankers, DSP, and memories while tuning the VLF band. Modern HF radios have poor sensitivity in the VLF range (by design). Using this converter with a simple wire antenna will allow reception of navigational beacons, time, and other VLF signals.

VLF Converter Features

K1EL Systems VLF Converter
A replacement for our VLF Converter has been designed and tested. A picture of the new board is presented on the left. It is 95% surface mount construction that will be pre-built and tested. The converter will be sold as a partial kit requiring a small amount of soldering and final assembly.

An enclosure has been designed and prototypes will be delivered soon. Mechanically, the layout will be a similar to the original with new features. Several problems inherent in the original design were addressed and fixed. We have been getting lots of negative comments regarding how late this product is. I decided to post a picture of the board to show that it is real and will be available soon.
- Steve K1EL, January 2019

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