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Differences between the K42 and the new K44

Architectually it is very similar to the K42, two PICs and a PSoC make up the controller array.

The K44 logic board is mostly surface mount construction and is pre-assembled and tested in kit versions.

That said, we now offer both kit and assembled versions.

The two PICs and PSoC are through hole parts and are carried in sockets to allow easy service and upgrade.

There are no on board adjustments, the LCD contrast is now controlled by keyboard command.

The rotary encoder is now attached to the main logic board through a breakout board. This greatly improves reliablility and ease of assembly.

Only 5 tuning LEDs are required for the K44, the LED array functionality is much better than the K42

An on/off switch is included on the K44 logic board. The unit is turned on and of by pressing in on the encoder shaft.

The K44 firmware is a vast improvement over the K42. It uses the Winkeyer3 keyer engine and inherits all of those functions.

Most of the parameter commands are menu driven with text prompts.

We now employ a real editor for entering and modifying K44 messages.

We support two keyboard layouts, QWERTY and AZERT. We have the ability to add more if there is enough interest.

The CWR PSoC has been completely rewritten. The new version is remarkably better than the K42. It works better in noisy band conditions and also weak signal detection.


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