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In response to many requests, we are now offering K44 kits. We only have a limited supply of kits and we ask that you read the assembly instructions carefully to be very sure that you are capable of assembling a K44. We aren't able to warranty poor kit workmanship. As shown in the picture above, the K44 PC boards are mostly preassembled so the builder only has the following tasks to perform:

1) Attach the LCD display to the main board
2) Build the rotary encoder sub board
3) Wire the encoder board to the K44 main board
4) Install the DIP ICs
5) Install the K44 board assembly into the enclosure
6) Run verification tests
7) Do final enclosure assembly

A kit contains all of the K44 components; logic board, display, and enclosure. A power supply is not included, but since the K44 can run at up to 13.5 volts, you probably already have a means to power it. A 2.1mm power supply connector is included so you can wire up your own cable.

K44 CW Keyboard & Reader Kit

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K44 Kit
$129.00 USD
Sorry, we ship K44 kits to USA destinations only

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K44 Kit Assembly Guide rev A.1