• Uses new Winkey3 IC (V30)
  • All external connectors on board for easy assembly
  • 4 Message pushbuttons
  • Custom high quality silkscreened enclosure
  • Independent Outputs to drive two separate rigs
  • RCA style Key and PTT outputs on back panel
  • Key and PTT outputs are optically isolated
  • High voltage solid state keying relays
  • Sidetone speaker on board
  • Front Panel Speed Control
  • Paddle connector on back
  • USB interface (FTDI Controller based)
  • WKUSB-SMT documentation provided on CDROM
  • USB Cable (A to B) optional purchase
  • Internal battery holder for three AAA batteries
  • Micro power standby
  • Enclosure Dimensions: 4.0" W by 3.0" D by 1.75" H
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Current WKUSB-SMT PCB Revision is 01
WKUSB Features

We have received many, many requests for an assembled version of WKUSB, fewer folks have the time and/or ability to build a WKUSB kit. We have addressed this in a similar way other amateur radio suppliers have. WKUSB-SMT employs a surface mount version of WKUSB that has all board mounted parts pre-soldered and tested. Final kit assembly involves just soldering in a few through hole components which will take about 15 minutes.  Since the WK IC is permanently attached to the PC board, upgrade by replacement is not practical. For this reason, WKUSB-SMT uses the new WK3 keyer IC which can be upgraded over the USB connection. WK3 also adds many new standalone features. In all other respects, WK3 works just like WK2 so it will be compatible with all applications that work with WK2.
WKUSB-SMT $89 USD (partially assembled)
WKUSB-SMT Kit - $89.00

If you are having trouble finding a keying cable (RCA to 1/4 inch),  click on the picture below. This is a mono cable and may not be suitable for xcvrs that require a stereo cable with no ring connection.
WKUSB-SMT Documents

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Please upgrade to the latest version of Ham Radio Deluxe (6.2 or later) before using it with WK3.
USB A to B
Cable - $3.00

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