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K1EL Systems was started back in 1995 by Steve, K1EL. He began with his PIC based keyer design, the K8 IC. The focus has always been to provide parts and kits to hams who like to have fun building their own gear. Today we offer a wide variety of amateur radio related ICs as well as full kits. At some point we plan to offer assembled and tested products.
All engineering design is done by Steve, K1EL including Firmware, PCB layouts, and Documentation. Art, K1BX helps out by kitting and shipping some of the larger kits such as the K42 and WKUSB. Art's company is called Hamcrafters and he is the exclusive provider of K42, WKUSB, and CPO kits.

The majority of the designs are Microchip PIC based with a sprinkling here and there with Cypress PSoC mixed signal controllers.

About the only thing we don't do ourselves is enclosure design. We subcontract that out to a local mechanical designer. Enclosures are fabricated in a local metal shop here in NH, USA.


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